Swhag team is the new urban gospel sensation group to hit the nation. The team is founded by two wonderful guys inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit. God has really blessed these guys. “No Jesus, No Swag” is the Swhag team slogan hence the Swhag Team are of the view that swag in the Lord is the real deal and not swag in the world. This team make something out of nothing. They single handed organized “SWAG PRAISE 2015” and made it a success, I’m a witness.

Kelvin Prince Okyere is a co-founder of the Swhag team. He functions actively as an organizer in the team. He goes by the stage name Kainos Kidd. But most people know him as the one and only rap minister. “Kainos” is a Greek word which means “New creation” in Christ which is confirmed in 2 Corinthian5:17. Rap minister’s vision is to impart with the message of grace rather than to impress with punchlines and just rhymes. He was a key rapper in the team’s hit single “Till the End (End Time Believer)” Kainos is currently working on his new single which is set to be released soon. He is also set to drop his new project called the Grace life Project. Watch out for more from him as he takes you around the world of real Christian music together with the Swhag Team.

Eldad Mimshach Nkrumah is the other co-founder of the sensational Swhag Team. He is mostly referred to as Gospel Rapper Mimshach, which means the anointing for expansion. Mimshach functions as the president and the manager of Swhag Team. Mimshach is truly blessed by God, he is a preacher in the making I must say… An apostle by calling. He also serves as an advisor and a sensational inspirational person who inspires and motivates the youth to do what God has purposed them to do. His aim is to give meaning to the lives and win his kind for the Lord. Music wise, he is also working on some few singles and projects which would be mind blowing by God’s grace. His vocals alone in the hit Single of the Swhag Team was inspiring.

Rap minister and Mimshach thus form the core of the Swhag Team. Expect nothing but graceful ministration from this anointed team. “Till the End” mostly referred to as “End Time Believer” is one of the hit singles of the Swhag Team. The song featured a talented gospel singer known as D. Foli. The song simply touches my heart any time I hear it. Truly speaking it’s a must be heard song. Our love for Jesus must indeed endure to the end. The Swhag Team has ministered on various platforms in Ghana and others parts of Africa. SWAG PRAISE 2015 and HEAL THE STREETS are some of the platforms the Swhag Team has ministered and blessed the world. The blend of Twi, “Pidgin” and English rap makes the team one of a kind. The Swhag Team continues to find new talent to increase their numbers as the work at hand is enormous. Don’t waste your God given talent, do something for Jesus.

Swhag Team is currently working on a High School Tour together with the renowned Apostle Ray of the Gospel Kitchen. The Impactainment Project too is not far away. Something wonderful is about to happen in the Urban Gospel world. Stay tuned and watch this space as we bring you all the news scoops as and when the news is available. Stay blessed. Jesus did it. Turn Up!!!



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