Oteng Crystal was born and raised in a strong christian home, typically Ghanaian to be precise. He is mostly referred to as KriXy by all his peers. KriXy discovered his talent very early In life. Gradually he grew to appreciate poetry and religious philosophy. He made singing a priority in church and joined the church’s famous singing choir “Heavenly Angels”. They made trips to places and mounted serveral stages to minister the word of God through music.This process really polished his singing ability.

His music life was taken to a much higher level at High School(OKUAS).
Here his ministry life was so intense, he thought the word of God in great passion as he shared deeper truths with most of his mates. Together with some friends, KriXy created the “Zionites” group on campus. The group reached out to many souls and was a blessing to a lot of students.

He joined the school choir during his high school days and this inspired him to compose a lot of gospel songs. The “Zionites” were also becoming a force to rekcon with. After high school however, the clique couldn’t really stand leading him to go solo.

KriXy by divine intervenetion met a producer and musician named Kwadjo Spiri of Divinity Records. KriXy won him by favour, so he helped to produce KriXy’s first debut single “Church Boy” one underground hit of all time. Many people related to the song as KriXy rapped about the daily excuses we gave for missing church and the need for fellowship with others as well as going to church on regular basis. Kwadjo Spiri and KriXy afterwards teamed up as “Upright Artisans” and recorded their debut album “Divinity For Humanity”. The album consits of 18 tracks with hit singles like “Holyghost Fire”, “The Ish”, “Jesus Rocks”.

KriXy is currently working on his new project “I Am The Swag”. He has however dropped singles such as “Yesu Adom”, “Golgotha”, “Dunamis” and “Kristo Swag”. Visit reverbnation to download more tracks composed by KriXy. The “Kristo Swag” cypher drops soon. Stay tuned and watch this space as we update you with all you need to know in the urban gospel world. Jesus did it. Turn Up!!!


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