The Real quick Team is made up of young intellectuals who are into story writing and event promotion.

Real quick came about as a result of an idea from the team leader, Oliver Seyram Aziavi on the 20th of May, 2015. In a space of a week, the team was created.

The name Real quick was chosen because of the amazing excitement that the members brought on board to create the team and also the period within which the team was created.

The team currently includes the following personnel:

  • Oliver Seyram Aziavi
  • Bernice Nana Yaa Keegan
  • Lionel Maurice Ocloo
  • Kweku Sasu
  • Josephine Edna Oppong
  • Khadija Lukman
  • Susan Lamptey

Real quick Team services include writing of stories and Event promotion.

Recent achievements of the team include; Having Social Media Presence with over 300 likes on Facebook and also a running story, ‘A Lost Friend’.

Other achievements the Real quick Team wishes to chock include the launching of their online television station, “SeytellsTv”. Real quick Team also hopes to be known as the Greatest Story Writing and Event Promotion Team or Organization ever.

Watch this space because the Real quick Team is about to load you with interesting, entertaining and educative programs. Stay blessed, Jesus did it.

Please don’t forget to follow the Real quick Team via social media.


Twitter: @TeamRQofficial



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