My Story After Listening To Power Drunk


Yes, this is what happened to my phone after listening to “Power Drunk” by Nuel Triumph featuring Regardless. This song is pure fire. I think my phone was trying to feel the way I was feeling when I first listened to the song. Guess my phone wasn’t strong enough to stand the heat. This is pure art. The lyrics were just on point, clear and done with precision. Wow, I’m power drunk, Holy spirit fill me now. Glory to God for such an awesome track.


Least I forget, guess you can see the burnt down studio in the picture up there. Well, rumor has it that the studio got power drunk and thus couldn’t stand the heat. Hence after mastering and mixing the song, the heat was too much for the studio to handle. However, since “Power Drunk” is a spirit filled song, it paved the way for the studio to be upgraded to another level. You would marvel when you see the studio now.
Incase you still haven’t grabbed your copy of “Power Drunk”, download it now. Just click on the link below.

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