UGMB Quotes

We think, we write, we talk, we inspire.
We teach,we learn,we nurture,we grow.
We brag, we fight and we sometimes call truth a liar.
We speak in speed but in anger we’re slow.
We inhale, we pause, we exhale, we smile.
We are for the slaves and masters as a whole.
We uncover the truth for the masses and lead in the light.
We are the story for the unborn in their history books unknown.
We are of a rivalry,a healthy one indeed and we embrace each other when the games are complete.
So why allow fists of war enter a peaceful zone when you’re aware it’s something you don’t need?
We hurt, we cry and we do feel bitter.
We hear your words of love and immediately feel better.
We are human living and moving and having our being.
We sleep, yes we do but that’s the beginning of all of us living our dreams.

I. Love. You. And I know there is some beauty in rivalry

I. Love. You. But let bygones be bygones allow the dogs that lie to sleep

For the world,

-The Rugged Orator

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