News Update: TKC set to release the “Bleeding Royalty” playlist


The lyrical geniuses are here to blow your mind. Yes, The Kings’ Crew (TKC) are lyrical geniuses. Just listen to their songs so far and you understand my point of view. These guys and the entire Kings’ Union International crew are something else, I tell you. Too much blessing. These guys are young and on fire for God.
They recently released a three versed freestyle titled “Veni Veci Vedi” and it was a masterpiece. Now they are about to drop the “Bleeding Loyalty” playlist. Thumbs up TKC.

The “Bleeding Loyalty” playlist is basically an album. The playlist talks about kings in worship. One must therefore put down the crown and pouring out issues to Him. TKC hence seek to talk about their problems, pain as well as their victory on songs on this playlist. Don’t get it twisted, TKC are kings. The playlist is titled “Bleeding Loyalty” because TKC believe they are king so their blood is royal.
In another sense too, TKC are talking about people’s issues, and giving them a helping hand as well as solutions.

The playlist consists of 10 tracks and one bonus track. The track list is below.
Holding On
I Believe In Me
Burying Doubts
Love Life
Starting To Show
I Want You
Home Alone
Lyrical Possession
Oh Nah (Bonus)

TKC, is set to take the urban gospel world by storm. Expect nothing but the best. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Watch out for more updates from the TKC camp on this blog. Anticipate the “Bleeding Loyalty” playlist.

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