In the Spotlight: Chosen YesuBa


Listowell Acquaye is known in the urban gospel realm as Chosen YesuBa. Chosen YesuBa is a contemporary gospel musician, soul singer, end-time rap preacher, spoken word artiste. Just watch him in full gear and you would understand why he is so many things and more.

Chosen was born into a humble Christian home. From his infancy music has been a part of Chosen. “I won’t give a date I started music as if I know it. I have sang in choirs in church since infancy until the gift became mature”, Chosen recalls vividly.
We can say that urban gospel music has always been a part of him. This can be attributed to the fact that Chosen always wrote rap inspired by the spirit. Chosen has been a big fan of urban gospel music and inspirational songs all his life. “Frankly,  my spirit and muse is inclined to solemn songs that sends a peaceful message of love, upliftment and salvation, but when it comes to rap I think my  nerve for the craft is unusual”, Chosen stated as UGMB caught up with him.

Chosen believes his mission is to send God’s divine message of love, end-time and salvation. “I want to transform my generation by spreading the word of God through my music.” I know we have all realized by now that Chosen is very versatile. Well Chosen says his versatility is a gift from God and he is very glad people acknowledge that part of him. “All I can say is they should support me in prayers to receive more of the grace and anointing to function effectively and efficiently doing the works of him that have sent me.”

Chosen collaborated with several artistes. Some of the collaborations include hit singles such as “The Things He Does for Love” and “No Love”. Chosen however recently released his official single titled “Go Higherrr”. “You’re A Star” followed the release of “Go Higher” and soon to drop is “Spiritual Erections”. All the songs Chosen has released have been produced by DoB Music. 

Chosen has a vision for urban gospel; “My vision for urban gospel is to work for all the Christians that are lured by various genres in the secular music are won back into the house of God.” Chosen also has some advice for the youth today; “I will like to advice the youth of today not to be deceived by the carnal perishing glories of today but focus on the eternal glories of salvation. For the end has drawn nigh and the day of Jesus Christ is real. Call me Chosen YesuBa Straight-from-the-vineyard.”

The journey has just began watch out for more spirit filled tunes straight from the vineyard. Chosen we really appreciate your efforts and we pray the good Lord continues to bless your ministry.

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