Nuel Triumph’s favourite?


News reaching UGMB indicates that before Nuel Triumph steps into the recording booth he has to jump on one of these meals first before he jumps on the beat.
The “Desperation” and “Power Drunk” hitmaker has “wow” Ghanaians with his versatility and there’s still more to come.

Yes, Nuel has got bars inspired by God, no two ways about that. However, we all know that it takes some energy and skill to deliver bars like this;
“First off, ion think I gotta be blind to ‘dare’ the ‘devil’, I’m a mere rebel here to scare and double dare the devil till his voice trembles to a level he looks at a black pot and calls it a white kettle”.

Ghanaians now want to know the exact food Nuel eats to set that energy to deliver those bars in motion. I know a few of you already know. Kindly share with us. Nuel Triumph you could also do us the honours.

Let’s get interactive. Leave your comments below.

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