Christ Image Exclusive


UGMB, caught up with sensational urban gospel artiste Christ Image quite recently and it was a blessed interaction. Christ Image has been on the urban gospel scene for quite some time now. Many consider him as one of the pioneers of urban gospel music in Ghana and that cannot be disputed. With massive hits with songs such as “Letter to Sarkodie” and “Get Yo’ Christ On” , Christ Image is one of the best in this genre. He also featured on “Go Hard” a song by Preachers which was a massive hit. Christ Image recently released a video of his latest banger titled “I’m Saved”. The song is trending in the urban gospel scene at the moment. His blend of English and the local dialect (Twi) is simply phenomenal.
Sit back, relax as we interact with Christ Image today.

UGMB: What is your real name?
Ci: Oduro Nketia Anyan

UGMB: Who is Christ Image?
Ci: Christ Image is a recording artiste and a producer.

UGMB: When did you start making music?
Ci: Funny thing is I wrote my first song when I was in primary 4. I was inspired by my elder brother who was already in the music business. It was just for fun through my primary and high school days. But on the real, things became serious 2008 when I recorded my first official demo “Get Yo Christ On”.

UGMB: How did you get into urban gospel music?
Ci: I believe music is one of the many things am called to do. I have been blessed with one of the most amazing talents in the world ‘Rap’ and I see it best to serve my Maker and also influence my generation positively.

UGMB: What is your mission?
Ci: I just wanna draw people’s attention to the saving grace of Christ through music.

UGMB: People call you one of the pioneers of urban gospel in Ghana. What do you think about that?
Ci: Lol, well it feels good when people recognise you but on the real I think urban gospel has a long way to go. Until I see us taking over nations and making more disciples, I won’t be so much excited to consider myself as such.

UGMB:Can you please throw more light on some of your projects so far?
Ci: First of all I got mad respect all my peeps that have been down with my works from day one. So far Ci has three mixtapes Manna (2012), Hiplife is Dead (2013), Duck For Cover (2013), 2 singles Wo Nte Ase3 (2014) and the latest is I’m Saved (2015) to which I dropped the official video just recently.

UGMB: What is your vision for urban gospel music?
Ci: Well it takes more than artistes to make a music industry. In light of this I hope to see more labourers in the form of producers, promoters, investors, record labels, graphic designers, event organisers etc in the industry.

Well, hope you’ve got to know Christ Image better. If you haven’t heard or listened to some of his projects, no need to worry. Just click on the link below to check out various projects by Ci as he is affectionately called.

A big thank you to Christ Image for making time to get interactive with UGMB. God bless you in abundance.

UGMB, your number one urban gospel music news hotspot. Follow @urbangospelblog for more updates. Stay blessed.


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