Spanking New: I Believe In Me


“Congratulations to those who said I can’t. You made a lion out of a scared cat. Above all, you led me to discovery and here’s what I have to share –
There’s a whole book about you, but what’s the point if you don’t believe in what it says? John 1:12 – to them who believed were given the power to be children of God. The word of God is a mirror. We are the scriptures we see. I won’t deny myself the grace and power of God. I was lost to death, He bought me unto life. My identity is all I can really boast of. No one’s going to take this from me. I was not sanctified to be satisfied; my sanctification stirred up a hunger – there is a vision to chase, a race to run. I have no time to doubt the ability God gave. Neither do I have the time to slow down, or get discouraged or get tired because those chasing are still vitalised. Enough of the modesty. We will walk this call. We will take this world for God.”

“I believe in Me” is the second song dropping of the “Bleeding Royalty” playlist by The Kings’ Crew. This tune was produced by Lexyz. Just click on the link below and have a feel of this awesome tune.

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