Word For Today


Hello there! Today with W.O.R.D!
Saltless salt is as disgusting as having sand in your mouth. This made me realise that the one thing a man must fight for, above all, is to not lose his essence in the lives of the people around him; his essence on earth.
Cowards use, “Mind your own business” as an excuse to care less but man was made for more than that. True fulfilment comes by knowing why you’re in their life and fulfilling it; when you’re the reason they smile, it doesn’t matter if you’re drowning in tears, your heart will still rejoice. There is one reason you cannot stop doing the good you’re doing – someone is the reason you’re someone. Eve was made because Adam needed help; Adam was made because nature needed care. No one was for himself in the first place. Save “without”, what’s “within” never mattered. The greatest achiever is he who found out ‘why’ and never gave up on it. When you recognise why you’re in someone’s life, even the pleasantries you share should fulfill it, because no one would do that job like you will, and when you lose it, you might be losing the job that was to fetch you a fortune. So before you give up on them, THINK.
– Clericus

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