Word Today


Hello there! This is W.O.R.D!

“What makes you think you will make it? Millions have failed en route to the future you are looking at; the lot that did the best ended up regular guys. What shows you’ll be any different? Besides, you are not more extraordinary than they were. What can you boast of that they can’t? You talk big, but can you do it? Yes? What shows?” There are two types of people; the first group would read this and grow all down and saddened. The next would smell the spice in it – they’ll be gingered by this.

Read through the lines; when life asks you these questions, it just wants to be sure of who it’s dealing with. It is not to discourage you, but to push you to buy reason for why your dream won’t fail. Every giant at some point in life, meets that mountain that questions his height because it is what he can boast of, but when you know what anchor your ship has in its back pocket, the storm’s threats are comedians on stage – they make you have a good laugh. What has come to test you, marks your readiness to succeed. If success was ever served to you on a silver platter, check it again because you probably have mistaken peanut butter for the king’s cake. If you have heard that nothing good comes easy, well that’s just another way of saying, nothing easy can be trusted as good. Smile at the hustle, because it is actually that true friend you have! To be determined is virtuous, but more importantly, what really makes you think you’ll get there? What is that wallpaper to you becoming an icon?







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