Event Update: In Town For Christ Street move is here again

In the space of a few months, “In Town For Christ Street Move” is here again. Glory be to the most high God. The first edition of this move happened somewhere in May and “my God” the turn out was impressive. Jesus did it. With the likes of Lil Zig himself, Chef Solo, Regardless, Muby Dey, Morphat, Royal Priesthood, Christhood, Nitro, Nana K, Kluivert, Scot Evans, Vbuqs, Nego, Natty Ogli, Big MikeTheRabbi, Mr. White, Option, Fuimen, Adil, Exposure, D Foli, Goddey, Mr. Jay, Network, Psalm One, Parrot Mouth amongst a host of many other urban gospel artistes,  the street move turned out to be a massive success all to the glory of God. I was there myself to witness this epic event.

Well the street move is on again this December. I can see you smiling now. Thus if you missed the first edition, you just can’t meet this edition for anything in the world. Set to happen on the 24th of December, the street move is expected to be massive than the one a few months ago. More souls need to be won. I hope to see you there because I’ll be there again. Trust UGMB, to keep you updated with information about the street move.

UGMB, your number one urban gospel music news hotspot. Follow @urbangospelblog for more updates. Stay blessed.


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