Artiste Profile: Edy C Radio

UGMB profiles the “shiigege” man today. I know you’re itching to know much about him. Well relax, ugmb has you covered.

Edy C Radio’s birth name is Clarence Edmund Ankrah. “I acquired the stage name Edy C to still represent my very self as Edy stands for the Edmund and C for the Clarence”. 

Edy.C Radio is a versatile apostolic (holy spirit) hip hop, afro pop rapper, singer and songwriter. Born on 7th July, 1989 in Mamprobi and raised by both parents in Laterbiokorshie, a small community in Accra, he grew up moving around other struggling communities with his parents and three siblings. Growing up in these struggling communities has given Edy the versatile background he carries with him today. “I won’t say I was a street boy, I grew up in a Christian home and I was Sunday schooled but I rolled with them and did stuff with the street boys”. 

Edy had his basic education as he moved around communities and finished his senior high education studying General science at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior High School in 2006. Edy then furthered to the Academy of Film Acting to study Acting and Screenwriting. Just like every kid, he wanted to be a pilot, then a doctor, then a lawyer, then…it’s a long list. Edy later realized he favoured the arts and acts culture much more. “I realized that it’s the musician and actor in me that is craving for that Jack-of- all-trade figure. As a musician and actor, I can be the doctor, the lawyer, nurse or robber without paying the price, lol.”

Edy started writing songs, including gospel, when in high school, identifying his style with talents like Akon and TPain, as a secular artist and started producing his own songs with a desktop computer and a microphone after high school. He later started performing at parties, in night clubs and other social events whilst in the church. “I’ve always been doing gospel since I started doing music. At the time I started music urban gospel had no market, zero patronage. I so I guess was doing secular to make some money then change to gospel in the near future. Funny huh?” 

Edy’s charisma and loud talent grew my fan base as time went by. After walking the runways of many fashions shows as a model, Edy met his turning point when in film school, glory to God. “But what was I thinking then. Loving God but swaying people away from him, in the clubs with my songs? My Christian life seemed a paradox back then”. The spirit of God ministered to Edy, Rev.4:11 to be precise and it kept echoing in his head. This lead to 411 Nation initiative. Edy hence rededicated his life to Christ and the revolution started. “The near future” came too fast according to Edy. “I didn’t even release a hit single. But it was the Father’s will that I start strictly gospel ministry in 2012”.

“Coming into the urban gospel scene in 2012 I knew no Ghanaian act to look up to, and I had no single record of any artist to listen to squeeze inspiration from. Inspiration has been the Holy Spirit since day one, when even friends discouraged me. They would listen to me rap, pick a line or two out of it and tease me”. 

“I revere every act in the sector and acknowledge the “seniors” but for inspiration, i squeeze mine from the Holy Spirit only”. 

I know most of you know about the versatility of Edy C Radio. Edy is multi-talented, I tell you. “One good element in arts is versatility, and for a multitalented force like me it’s easy to put this element to use. As such I get to wow my fans anytime I drop a new piece and make them cling to me wondering what’s next. I came in as a rapper but my strength lies more in singing and a combination of the two tastes best, like asaanaa and milk”.

Edy added Radio to Edy.C to reason with his quest to propagate the gospel, strongly impervious to any contrary force. Edy C is a preacher too. “The difference is I add rhythm and melody to my sermons”. There’s this feeling of satisfaction and a little of fulfillment within Edy anytime when he hears people call him “Mr. Radio”. Edy C hence feels responsible somewhat, to live up to the meaning behind it. “Matter of fact I will retain the name soon, Mr. Radio”. 

Edy had this to say about his mission and vision. “There’s only one thing I want to do, to live in response to my call to duty as a minister. Today I am set to stand of the many to inform the youth that talents are given for Godly use only and to inspire the drifted to. To reach out to the lost through urbanization and to give not-prohibited entertainment to the Christian youth. But as I make progress, many things will change and objectives will most definitely change”.

Edy’s musical journey started off without any record.He preferred performing live his songs and passionate on taking the gospel to the streets and creating awareness on the use of talents to please God and Him alone. However, with record, Edy initiated the Gospel Rap Concert in 2013 and took it to the streets 2014 as the Gospel Rap Crusade. The crusade saw artists like Nii Soul, Royal Priesthood, Lil Zig and many others minister to win souls on the streets. From a performing artist to a recording artist, Edy released his debut record “Our God Is Great” same year after featuring on 411 Nation’s titled “411” with Lil Zig, Nii Soul and Chosen Yesuba. 

Later the same year, Edy released his second single, “Good Morning” the right dose to quick start your day, then ahead of his maiden Colors Of Love event held on valentine’s day in 2015, he released his third song, “Things He Does For Love”, the shiigege song, featuring Chosen Yesuba. Now you know where and when the shiigege originated. After “Things He Does For Love” came the “No Love” favorite. After the refreshing masterpiece “He Reigns” featuring Judah of Royal Priesthood followed. With seven records, Edy is currently on a tour to the prisons, churches, hospital, neighborhoods and schools, termed the “iGot Jesus Tours” following the release of his “iGot Jesus” song. With support from some other artists, Edy C and his team have done the church tour, a concert and a prison visit. Next on my tour is the “iGot Jesus Hood Procession” which is a neighborhood to neighborhood street evangelism. Watch out for this initiative. Mr. Radio is basically breaking barriers. 

Edy C sees urban gospel taking over Ghana music in entirety. A time when the icons of Ghana music will be the Holy Spirit filled music soldiers of the gospel. A time when we would have finished explaining to people what we are doing, what this means. Edy C envisions a time when there will be many joints in town that he can walk in at leisure to enjoy live urban gospel without alcoholism, smoking and indecency, just having fun God’s way. “We all a have a part to play, actors, musicians, videographers, bloggers, presenters, DJs and all. The future of urban gospel is so colorful. It ain’t coming easy but God is the orchestrator”. 

Ever since Edy featured on “Will Your Soul Be Saved” single, released in January 2011, some fans, friends and family have believed in him. They’ve always encouraged him to what he does best. They’ve since supported him from his first single up till now. “I love them all and I much appreciate the love and support. I believe a successful life is a fulfilled purpose in life. There are better days ahead. My best is yet to come as God is still working on me, shiigege!”

You can contact on this number +233 026-654-3210 or via email, Follow Edy C Radio on all social media platforms @edycradio. Follow the link below to get access to all songs by Edy C Radio.


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