News Update: She Died For 60 Seconds

​Real Story

Lynn died for 60seconds. Vincent Teye popularly know as Vbuqs tells UGMB about this miracle. 

Vincent writes, 

12pm of 31st 2016, Lynn came to visit & in the hour of 8pm, Lynn was found lifeless on the bed..Quickly did I rush to the bath room to fetch water in a bowl and rubbed it on her face and praying in the name of JESUS CHRIST because I know who I am in CHRIST JESUS till she came back to life.She came back to life at 8:01pm with few seconds past wondering why the bed was all wet & I told her the whole story which she didn’t believe until she believed..I begin to interrogate her and she said to dream about us having a fight and deciding to leave,as she was walking away I called her to come for something and immediately held her hand not to let her go..I believe at that point in her dream it was JESUS who called her to save her from dying..Am not here just because GOD used me as a vessel to save a life but to encourage yall that, there’s & still power in the name of JESUS..What are you going thru?? Are you giving up in life?? Use the name of JESUS to solve it all..You wont die before your time in the name of JESUS..Am thankful to GOD we all seen 2017.Help share this message to the world to encourage somebody.

Say a prayer for Lynn. God bless you Vincent. Thank you all for your prayers. 

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