Word Today: W.O.R.D With Clericus

Hello there! This is W.O.R.D

Set the torch, light up the sky with those dreams, and let’s live like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s live in the moment, as if it’s the last we have, as if there is nothing more to us. Because you’re only as good as the last thing you do. So let the lawyer treat this case as his last ever, the musician, this album as if it’s his last hit. Then you’d know that it’s not enough to like what you do; cherish it. Let protection for the dream follow the passion for it. Today the best nurses might not even have degrees, I mean our mothers might not have completed the tertiary, yet they nursed their dreams so well – you and I. All because we were made for more than what we think. We’re the dreams they longed for. How dare us not be great? Make sure you walk everyday so well that when you’re signing out and you’ll look back and find no regrets. You don’t know when it’ll all not be there again. The difference between lose and gain, poor and rich, is that one second.

It’s all time, so live it right. Never spend a minute of your life doing something worthless.  where worthless equals anything without a positive indelible mark on your tomorrow. Like I said, out of pain you came into the world. It’s gratitude to let a multitude smile at your existence. THINK!!!



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