Artiste Profile: Yongrush RFC

Urban gospel is spreading across Ghana. The genre is gradually gaining grounds. Various acts have been helping spread the good news to all and sundry. Today, UGMB puts the spotlight on one lyrical soldier. He goes by the name Yongrush RFC. I know you’ve heard about him and his exploits. Just sit tight as we delve deeper into his musical journey. 

Yongrush goes by the birth name Jeffrey Kweku Coleman. I know you’ve been wondering who Yongrush for a while now. This is what he had to say about himself when UGMB caught up with him; 

“Well, Yongrush is an urban gospel artist or let me say a Christian Soldier doing music to win souls for the kingdom and to please God because he gave it to me, my talent”.

If you follow Yongrush on his social media platforms, you would notice “RFC” by all his handles. UGMB was quite intrigued so we asked Yongrush to break down “RFC” for us. 

“Ermmm, RFC simply means “Raider For Christ”. Raider in the dictionary means someone who snatches something from someone forcefully. So basically I’m using my music to win or raid souls for God. So I attached it to my stage name so that in a way I you can identify me as someone who is a raider for Christ”. 

Yongrush was born and raised here in Accra by his parents, Mr. Fiifi Robbertson and Mrs. Jacqueline Nkrumah. Yongrush has five siblings namely; Nana Adjoa, Efya, Nana Kojo, Nhyiraba and Esther. He had a kid brother but lost him last year July. Accept our condolences.
Yongrush had his Junior High School education at Saps School Limited. He later proceeded to Secondary School at SDA Senior High in Koforidua, Asokore. 

Yongrush started urban gospel in the year 2014. “My inspiration came from a lot of people but that one inspiration that got me on my feet was from my uncle who is a man of God now, Pastor Frank Nkrumah. He ones came across some of my secular songs and listened and said he was going to push me if I could sing and rap in gospel so that statement he made got me motivated. So I decided to try and God lifted his hand and blessed me with Preachers who have held me till this day and I say a big thank you to them”.

Yongrush has a purpose. He believes his music is in for just two things. First to propagate the word as far as possible with the help of God and win souls there after.

Yongrush has six songs to his credit which include “Christian Soldier” “God’s Mercies” “You do am” “God I’m Thankful” “Reproof” and one he recently released “To The World (Freestyle)”. He is also currently working on and EP which by God’s grace drops the year. I don’t know if you have heard about “The Lord Knows Ep”. Wonderful songs and featurings. Just wait on it.

What’s a man without a vision? Yongrush has a vision for urban gospel. This is what he had to say about his vision for urban gospel; 

“I don’t know if you will remember one great mathematician who was called Ramanujan who hailed from India. He was to great that numbers were his greatest companions and as a student he was able to break equations his masters even couldn’t. So we going to be like him even more and cut across the whole world with the gospel and even overshadowing the secular industry and one day well be remembered in the world and even our story will be used as subjects in school because you just have no idea where we are taking the gospel to”. 

We can’t finish this profiling session  without Yongrush saying something to his fans and the people who have been supporting him since day one. 

“So my fans out there, I love you all. In everything you do put God first, build your faith in him follow his word and ways and tell him about your heart desire and see where he will take you. To The World”.

I hope you’ve gained alot of insight. More grace to Yongrush. Keep spreading the good news to the world. We’re waiting on the EP. Trust UGMB to keep you updated. 

UGMB, your number one urban gospel music news arena. Follow @urbangospelblog for more updates. Stay blessed.


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