Word Today: W.O.R.D. with Clericus 

Hello there! This is W.O.R.D!

When you think you have nothing to do with what you have in your hand, remember the one who has no hands to hold that something you have. Whiles you keep wishing you had more, someone out there wishes they had a little less than the little you have. Trust me, nothing is too small to change the world. What you can do matters, yes, but ask those who have tried the “what you’re ready to do with what you can do.” You’re not incapable, and unqualified to do it. You’re just afraid. You fear you’re too small; that’s not even where the problem is. The problem is how you treat a lie so hospitably.

Let a teacher then, believe in his chalk, a writer, in his pen. Let a musician believe in the mic he holds, and you? Believe in whatever you have in your hand, because if I remember closely, when God wanted to get Egypt to bow before Moses, He simply asked Moses, “What is it you have in your hand?” So don’t ever doubt your least ability, you might have been holding the keys to a “nuclear bomb”, all this while, that you knew nothing about!






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