News Update: It’s Time To Man Up

A few weeks ago, UGMB dropped the hint that JVO adil was dropping a freestyle soon. Well, that freestyle piece is almost here. “Man Up” is the title of this piece. I know you would love this one. 

I had the chance to get a sneak peek at the lyrics and trust me, it was hot. I’ll give you a peek of the first verse so you understand what I’m talking about. 

“I will scream on top of my voice till Jericho wall nu b3 bubububu

See I’m a soldier

Meni as)ja 

W)n Mame kwain tutututu

I came to expose

Me b3 bieso tis3 fose

Dedicating it to those

Who figa you know

Charley eno be your dough

Moma minka na wiasi y3 hu oooo

Lemme take you back back

Way back to the days when God created Adam & Eve

Lucifer came with the aim to pollute the brain that’s how he got rid of Eve

Now these are the days

Everybody here dey hustle

Sake of the money no dey come

That everybody wan do sakawa Charley that ebi devilish plan BUT

We’re the ones to stand to firm cuz we got the word of God on our lips

To shine the light so that all may see like a chandelier in the air

You just be there and say I don’t care 

Had I known nanso na ats3

Your time is now don’t be a John

Else the devil will make u a sinner John sinner(cena)

Ansaana the devil go try 

Mame ma wo lie

You better decide

If you wan qualify for eternal life

Then fawa koma 3ma Christ

If eno be so you never go know

The devil dey tow your body below

Forgeti wo age

No mean sey you grow

Mi j3 ko moko I just want you to know”

I know you can’t wait for this one. Mark the date on your calendar. “Man Up” drops on the 21st. Get your head sets, speakers and stereos ready.

UGMB, your number one urban gospel music news arena. Follow @urbangospelblog for more updates. Stay blessed.


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