Spoken Word: D E F

I was born to be a trail blazer but Life decided to make me trail papers

Academics was like Mr. T, always about shooting high, bombing and ‘As’ in chains

I gave all my skills but he refused me from being an ‘A’ team member

I never heard the sound of victory cos my eardrums were hit repeatedly with a musical scale of ‘Ds’ ‘Es’ and ‘Fs’ 

I only had these  letters ‘D’ ‘E’ ‘F’..till I was Deaf.. 

My class table fed me with only courses that prepared me ‘Ds’ ‘Es’ and ‘Fs’ to eat. I always had to eat ‘D’ ‘E’ ‘F’.  Call that ‘D E F-eat’ defeat. 

It was my food I fed on it. ‘F’ ‘E’ ‘D’ 

But I didn’t have a balanced diet cos I lacked Vitamins ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’. 

I suffered a Deficiency. D E F iciency

I was one dude who couldn’t relate to math. 

Mathematical Equations only taught me how to date. 

It said take numbers,  exchange.. Move to the other side when you see the signs.. Settle differences..

But cancel her number out if she is close to your ‘X’…

don’t even ask me ‘Y’

Equations had a hunger for right answers 

and if you didn’t feed them right they would puke you low grades..

But I hardly fed ‘X’ right.. 

Fedex like the delivery system.. My shipments were only delivered to my parents 

packaged as a report card.. 

The contents revealed ‘Ds’ ‘Es’ and ‘Fs’

I was definitely DEF -initely always scolded 

I didn’t understand why my intuition was defective DEF-ective

That’s when I questioned my IQ

When my table was a pool of examination questions and I couldn’t fill the holes although I took shots with my stick(my pen) and my ball(eye ball) 

In this Hogwarts I need a Dumbledore to cast ‘A’ spell.

To spell ‘As’ in my results 

Cos my mind is worse than every Tom Rid-dick and Harry.. 

Potter are you sure you didn’t forget something in sculpting this vessel of clay?

I probably have less silicon in the molding of my brain

Deformed -DEF-ormed

But I have no choice

God is my only answer. 

And I would try to rely on his mind when my mind is lost

Like when I lose that one mark,I believe my shepherd  will guide me to the 99 so I give him a 100

I will not say grace only over my food buh over my paper 

before I write

And when it’s tough, I won’t allow fear to defraud DEF-raud the peace in my heart. 

So I pray for your word to transmit faith in me like a disease

Till I’m Infected with your excellence so I can see As(aids)as you turn my negative ‘ H’ Head ‘IV’ for positive 



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