Word Today: W.O.R.D With Clericus – 09/06/2017

Hello there! This is W.O.R.D!

You’re not allowed to say it’s over. You’re not allowed to give up just because it’s not working. Sometimes the great results are meant to tarry. If they came on the first try, they’d be too common because luck and coincidence would win the same trophy as hard work and expertise, and that, we all know, is so not fair. When you try and you don’t see it working, be kind enough to yourself to try again. When the road looks unending and you seek too tired to keep on moving, advise every step you take, to take one more step. You know why? Most people give up walking at the point where the next step was their leap into success. You never know when your moment would come. He promised an expected end, not smooth road. But I think the potholes should be expected, because grape juice doesn’t come without a threshold. Gold doesn’t look attractive without the refinery. In the same way, the land of milk and honey which has been promised you would require a small sting from life’s ‘bee’haviour, a sour taste on the tongue and some tears. So just cheer up. You’re on track; that the music doesn’t sound so good doesn’t change the fact. Once it was a decree from God, then for sure we know that we gon’ be alright!







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