Word Today: W.O.R.D With Clericus – 10/06/2017

Hello there! This is W.O.R.D!

Fruitful is not fruitful until the results are juicy enough. You need the results as evidence that the road you took was worth it. So don’t get caught up in their statements as if they signed up to foot the bills that are supposed to materialize your ideas. Look at them closely. They don’t care about your dream. All they care about is their fears, that you won’t make it. Think about it. Couldn’t they have cared about your faith that you can get there, instead? Believe me when I say don’t give ear to them. They’d just suggest to you what you could be, but none of them have your life rightly planned out. They’d promise to be with you one time, and when the going gets tougher than them, they’d apologize and drop the weight of rallying behind you. It’s not their fault, however. To them, they do their best to seek your best interest. They just happen to treat their help as if it’s all you ever needed. But the God that promised you Canaan, He who promised to bring you to the expected end, on Him alone you can depend. Only He fails not. His word is upright, it never lies. And when you know He is your rock, your mind is closed about how long the seed tarries in the ground, because you know it’s going to bud. Because you’re convicted when you take a good look at the forest around you, and see the tallest trees are the lowest down there too.







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