My Urban Gospel Journey – Yongrush 

My Urban Gospel Journey is a new segment on UGMB which gives everyone the platform to share his or her urban gospel story. Hence this platform allows one to tell the whole world how, when and why he or she decided to follow or get involved in urban gospel. 

Today, we have rising rapper/singer Yongrush to share his experience with us. I hope you’re ready to go on this voyage with Yongrush. Enjoy his story. 


​Ok so I used to a vibrant secular rapper. Did that for two years. Went for shows, was putting my songs out there people liked it others you know.

It once occurred to me that why don’t I try urban gospel but then I was like ohhh this thing is too slow for me so I was still gonna be on my hippop stuff. So it went on for some months a year passed then one uncle of mine in the U.K. who is a pastor, Pastor Frank Nkrumah listened to my secular songs and was like he was gonna be glad if I was able to rap like I do on gospel songs. I listened to him but didn’t take it. Then once again I was there in my usual lyrics writing then it came up that ok why don’t I try this urban gospel people are talking about. 

So I recorded my very first one with Boy Prince, shoutouts to him then we put it out and even the hustle we went through before get that song came out made me sway my mind off urban gospel. 

The song circulated the response was massive and it just clicked. 

My mind went all in for the urban gospel. I came to hear of a group called Preachers I loved the way they delivered urban gospel and I was just getting deep into it so decided to follow theses guys. Wherever they went I was there. 

Gradually God connected us through one of my uncles, Mr. Fred Kyeremateng who happens to be a friend to the team and my pastor uncle also came in for the second time and I became the Preachers boy. 

Obed Psych, Emani, Eddy all of them helped me write my songs, corrections and all. I felt some love during that time so I was like nothing was gonna take my mind of urban gospel. 

Friends left, others tried if they could change my mind but when Jesus says yes no one can say no. So this where I am now. 

I have grown up to know a massive family of urban gospel soldiers who have been there. Kingzkid, Esaias, Regardless, Jay Smoke, Psalm One, Swag In Christ, Urban Gospel Fam, Rep Jesus, MikeMillz, Team Bibles Up and amongst many others. The love from them has been massive . I will say with the help of God they have made me today. My friends, family school boys (YBN) have all played a role. The love has been too much love from them. 

And I want to use the opportunity to announce my Lord Knows EP which is still cooking. Expect nothing but Holy Spirit blazing lyrical content. I also got my team supporting RFC Movement, God bless them all. ToTheWorld. 

Well, so that was the journey of Yongrush. I hope you’ve been inspired. Watch for more inspiring stories. Stay blessed. UGMB, your number one urban gospel music news arena. Follow @urbangospelblog for more updates. Stay blessed.


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