Music Download: RJ Griffith – Good Day [@rjgmusic]

RJ Griffith, an up-and-coming Chicago singer-songwriter, released the first single off of his new LP, “Good Day,” on January 12th, 2018.

Some of RJ’s short solo career highlights so far include becoming the lead tenor for National Recording Gospel Group Zion’s Joy!, getting his song Haunted By My Past off of his first ever EP Prey sync licensed into the independent movie The Assumptions, and opening up for former Billboard #1 artist, Devyn Rose. He’s also performed at many popular venues in Chicago including Refuge Live, Subterranean, The Promontory and Uncommon Ground.

RJ has accomplished quite a bit since his solo career started in October of 2016, but as we all know life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. As a relatively new artist, RJ needed a full-time job to support his music, but was recently informed by Chicago Public Schools he was being laid off of his job working with special education students because of budget cuts. This news devastated RJ who felt he had much more to give to the kids he was working with and also left him without an income, putting most of the initial burden of paying the mortgage, bills, etc on his wife. RJ has since picked up multiple side hustles such as driving for Uber and working part-time at a car dealership to help support himself and his wife, but has continued to struggle with bouts of depression.

The idea for Good Day stemmed from RJ’s fight with depression. He decided he needed to take a stand and start being more positive about his current situation and life in general; recognizing that maybe losing his job was a sign to give him more time to work on his music. RJ loved his job working with the kids of Chicago, but he starting to realize that he can make a difference spreading a positive message with his music as well, a difference that can make every day a “good day” for RJ and the people his music touches.

Listen to Good Day by RJ Griffith

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