News: X-CEL Picks Up Three (3) Nominations In The Volta Music Awards

The formation of the sensational urban gospel music duo X-CEL can be alluded to the formation of an alloy from two metals or a metal and non-metal with different properties and characteristics. Moreover, the traditional way of making alloys also follows the principle where the different components of the alloy are heated and melted to become liquids. They are then mixed together, heated and then allowed to cool into what is called a solid solution, an alloy of improved properties and strength.

So why the talk of the formation of alloys today? Well this is to relate to the origins of this promising urban gospel duo of X-CEL; their early beginnings, their philosophy as gospel artistes, their vision and future prospects as a group.

X-CEL is a remarkable urban gospel group made of K-Jay and Mr. Lord, officially known as Adamtey Solomon Kwadjo Jnr. and Tettey Frank Lord. The very beginnings of the group can be traced to the early days of January, 2015. Just as an alloy consists of two varying elements of different properties combined into one, X-CEL is a dynamic duo who individually have distinguishable talents that have been fully combined to fulfill their mandate which is to preach the Word of God through music.

The dynamic duo had three (3) nominations by the grace of God in the Volta Music Awards slated for March 2018. The categories are, Best Group of the Year, Gospel Artiste of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year. Furthermore, Mr. lord of X-CEL had a nomination for Producer/Sound Engineer of the Year.

To vote, kindly text


to 1903 (Vodafone & MTN)

For Best Group of the Year


to 1903 (Vodafone & MTN)

For Gospel Song of the Year


to 1903 (Vodafone & MTN)

For Gospel Artiste of the Year


to 1903 (Vodafone & MTN)

For Producer of the year

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