Time With Jemima Hooper: You Are The Light Of The World [@jemyhooper]

It's yet another time again with Jemima Hooper. I pray her messages have been serving it's purposes in your daily lives. Today Jemima sheds light on the topic "You Are The Light Of The World". Grab your bibles and note pad, gear up for the word of God. Don't forget to tell a friend to …


Time With Jemima Hooper: Wait Upon The Lord

I know it's been quite a few weeks since we brought you Time With Jemima Hooper. Join us as we dig into the word together with Jemima. Let's get inspired. Today's message is titled "Wait Upon The Lord". https://audiomack.com/song/ugmb/waituponthelord Wait Upon The Lord [Download] For mor updates, follow @urbangospelblog. Stay blessed.